Every piece of fabric we bring in, we believe in enhancing the Aura around your personality. We do this by bringing you Ethical & Ecological fabrics. We are a home for Sustainable lifestyle, offering Organic Cottons, Linens, Hemp, Banana, Bamboo, Corn, Soybean, Milk & Silk fabrics.

Our Values:

 Authenticity, Transparency, Sustainability and Traceability.


To cater to the need of every individual seeking for fabrics, who like to design it to their choice. To provide fabrics for all age/ gender, that can be tailored to casuals/ formals, also, to continue adding the fabrics that make light home furnishing items. To add/ upgrade with ecological textile varieties at every step. To bring in certified textiles. To cater to designers small/ bulk customized requirements under sustainable roof. To make our fabrics wearable and affordable to all people. To follow our concept- “Clothing for the people, by the people”. To create jobs in the untapped communities.


To be able to meet daily needs & demands ecologically.

To expand our B2B Clientele across the globe.

To widen customize dyeing options within the vast eco-universe.

To design, stitch clothing and other items for the brand “Ingredient”

To welcome interns across the world to work with our upcoming projects.

To expand across India and be one of its kind in South Asia.

What drives us?

The desire to evolve, to participate and to contribute towards the need.

Back in the days, all women knew to sew. It was one of the most respected skills a woman would willingly develop. Her aunts excelled in their designs, winning appreciation each time. At that moment in time, she was their perfect child model; while they, in turn, became her role models. They always looked elegant in their self-designed clothing and for sure stepped out in stilettoes. Besides this, whether a table cloth, pillow cover, handkerchief or curtain, every fabric in all houses had a creative cut all handcrafted and embroidered. Making clothing was part of growing up and that is how learned to turn fabrics into garments and other items.

The founder worked for seven years in a metropolitan city in the corporate field. She rediscovered her passion for fabrics when she found piles of purchased and unstitched fabrics in her closet. She never wanted them to be cut or sewed, she would admire and store them, collecting more and gift them at times. She grew up in the woods, playing in the fields while her parent’s meditating & ayurvedic lifestyles kept her grounded towards choosing natural options for food and care necessities. It was the biggest moment for her project when her research and study led her to clean clothing and sustainable station. Her quest for entrepreneurship lead her to ecopreneurship and she laid her foundation for a sustainable lifestyle platform. Locally know as “Ree Organics” and it remains the parent. We call it “Ingredient” each fabric here is custom picked/ custom made. This site will show selected images of fabrics we bring in. Our customer is every person seeking for fabrics, to stitch it to their choice. Our fabrics are for all age/ gender, can be stitched to casual/formal, also, our fabrics make light home furnishing. We upgrade the site constantly with fresh fabrics. Please read the FAQ ( Frequently asked question page) while proceeding an order.